Two Families

Ramadan and Idul Fitri holiday ended a week ago. My husband and I came back from our hometown to our home in Jakarta last Thursday. That was the first Idul Fitri I had as a wife and it still felt strange but in the other hand I was more content. Of course! Now I have two big families!

Telkomas (my family) and Antang (husband family) have some similarities but they were also different in some ways. For instance, the total number of each family is 15 and they both wanted to take family picture in the sake of “mumpung semua pada ngumpul” at the photo studio.

The family in Antang isn’t as religious as family in Telkomas. I can say this because when I had itikaf in Telkomas, all of us went to the mosque at 12am and stayed there praying until dawn. However, when I had itikaf with family in Antang, I only went with husband and my parents in law.

Family in Telkomas didn’t go to many relatives for Idul Fitri. We didn’t even visit Daddy family. But family in Antang went to many houses of relatives. The furthest was in Pangkep, 2 hours driving from the city. We visited aunts, uncles, cousins.

It’s not like I am saying one family is better than the other. I am only saying that I can feel the difference. And honestly, it was tiring going back and forth between two houses. We spent 3 days in Antang, 3 days in Telkomas, Ied prayer in Antang, and back again for 3 days in Telkomas and the last 4 days in Antang. Next time, we would only spend a week for each house.

This Idul Fitri, we also went to Pinrang (about 4 hours driving from city) to attend the funeral of Indah’s mother. Indah is our college friend. Her mom’s death was so sudden, she wasn’t ready. She was devastated I knew.

Today as I’m writing this, I started my Syawal fast. This is the 1st day. Syawal fast is 6days. I hope I can finish until next Wednesday.