Two Families

Ramadan and Idul Fitri holiday ended a week ago. My husband and I came back from our hometown to our home in Jakarta last Thursday. That was the first Idul Fitri I had as a wife and it still felt strange but in the other hand I was more content. Of course! Now I have two big families!

Telkomas (my family) and Antang (husband family) have some similarities but they were also different in some ways. For instance, the total number of each family is 15 and they both wanted to take family picture in the sake of “mumpung semua pada ngumpul” at the photo studio.

The family in Antang isn’t as religious as family in Telkomas. I can say this because when I had itikaf in Telkomas, all of us went to the mosque at 12am and stayed there praying until dawn. However, when I had itikaf with family in Antang, I only went with husband and my parents in law.

Family in Telkomas didn’t go to many relatives for Idul Fitri. We didn’t even visit Daddy family. But family in Antang went to many houses of relatives. The furthest was in Pangkep, 2 hours driving from the city. We visited aunts, uncles, cousins.

It’s not like I am saying one family is better than the other. I am only saying that I can feel the difference. And honestly, it was tiring going back and forth between two houses. We spent 3 days in Antang, 3 days in Telkomas, Ied prayer in Antang, and back again for 3 days in Telkomas and the last 4 days in Antang. Next time, we would only spend a week for each house.

This Idul Fitri, we also went to Pinrang (about 4 hours driving from city) to attend the funeral of Indah’s mother. Indah is our college friend. Her mom’s death was so sudden, she wasn’t ready. She was devastated I knew.

Today as I’m writing this, I started my Syawal fast. This is the 1st day. Syawal fast is 6days. I hope I can finish until next Wednesday.



Teaching Again


Akhirnya kesempatan untuk mengajar di sekolah datang lagi. Efektif per Juli tahun ajaran depan saya insya Allah akan mulai mengajar lagi. Sekolahnya dimana? Masih rahasia. Besok baru mau teken kontrak. Jika semua lancar, saya tentu saja akan menulis update nya disini, atau di blog bugururiana.

Lam, my husband, also get his new job starts on June! Where? It’s also still between us. I’m going to tell you when he starts working there. Hint: it’s a big TV company in Indonesia.

We are so grateful and thankful for the blessings Allah SWT rewarded us. They are too many we lost count. Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah.

Half a year now.

Ramadhan day 7. I’m counting now the day to visit my family in Makassar for Eid al Fitr. I have new family this year, my husband’s family. It would be a different Eid for me and for my husband,  too. We will spend the last week of Ramadhan in Makassar, insya Allah and a week after Eid. So we have 2 weeks to relax before going back to real struggle in Jakarta.

Pray for us, my friends. Thank you for always supporting us together.



Hai. Halo.

Sudah empat bulan berlalu sejak saya pindah dan tinggal berdua bersama suami saya, mengontrak rumah petak di Jakarta Selatan. Saya senang menghitung-hitung hari, Entahlah, rasanya mengagumkan menyadari begitu cepatnya waktu berlalu berlari melewati kita.

Di Jakarta, saya tak punya kehidupan selain suami dan tempat kami tinggal sekarang. Teman-temanku yang bekerja disini terlalu sibuk dengan karir, kehidupan dan keluarga mereka juga sehingga hampir mustahil bisa mengajak salah satu diantaranya untuk menemani jalan atau nonton film. Keluargaku jauh dan video call hanya mengurangi sedikit jarak. Suami bekerja hampir dua belas jam setiap hari dan begitu dia pulang, dia masih juga bekerja untuk menambah penghasilan tambahan.

Saya bukan menulis ini untuk mengeluh. Saya menulis ini untuk mengingatkan diri saya mungkin enam bulan atau setahun kemudian, bahwa saya pernah kesepian seperti ini. Apakah di masa depan saya masih seperti ini atau tidak? Hanya Allah SWT yang tahu.

Saya mulai menulis review tentang film-film yang saya tonton di blog wordpress baru berjudul filmfootprints. Percayalah kawan, saya telah menonton banyak sekali film empat bulan belakangan dan saya merasa punya beban moril untuk menulisnya sebagai ulasan. Saya juga cukup senang menulis review film dan buku. Saya sudah menyelesaikan empat buku dan sekarang saya sedang membaca buku kelima.

Untuk menutup tulisan ini, saya ingin mengatakan bahwa Allah SWT telah memberi saya seorang suami yang sangat baik. Tuhan telah memberi saya seorang laki-laki yang bukan hanya berusaha menjadi suami yang baik, tapi juga seorang teman yang baik. Dia menghormati dan menyayangiku. Dia membuatku tertawa saat sedang sedih dan menangis. Dia memelukku saat saya sedang kesal dan marah. Dia menemaniku, mendengarkanku, dan juga beradu argumen denganku. Kami menertawakan hal yang sama tapi kadang tidak sepakat di banyak hal. Dia tahu kapan harus sekeras batu dan kapan harus mengalah demi kebaikan bersama. Dia punya kelemahan tentu saja, rumah tangga yang kami jalani ini membuat semua keburukan kita terkuak. Namun, commitment binds us. Love empowers us. Energi-energi dari hal-hal tersebut ditambah dengan berkah dan rahmat dari Allah SWT juga dukungan keluarga dan teman-teman, membuat kami terus menerus belajar untuk bertahan dan bersama sebagai suami istri.


Berumah Tangga

First of all, happy new year 2019! Can you believe it’s already January 2019? Time runs really fast, doesn’t it?

It’s been 2 weeks since I have arrived here in Jakarta. My Mom and Dad accompanied me coming here to see my rented house that I’m going to live in with my husband, Lam. They came back last Sunday to Makassar. I was a bit worried and terrified at first, knowing the fact that I wasn’t going to be in one roof with them anymore.

However, Lam has been a really wonderful husband that anyone has ever asked for. He is so understanding, so kind, so helpful, so loving and he talks gently at me. He works as hard as horse every morning till evening. And when he comes home, after we have dinner together, he plays Mobile Legend for hours. I can’t complain. I don’t want to, either.

How about me?
I’m trying to survive. I cook, I take care Lam’s clothes, I prepare him meals, I clean our house, I do the dishes, I eat, I watch movies, I write, I read, and I look for a job. In Jakarta, everybody is looking for a living. I can’t annoy Lam when he’s at work. Sometimes I am bored as hell, sometimes I cry for homesick. But what can I say? That’s the life I am living now. I have to make my own new comfort zone. I have to be here supporting my husband. I have to be useful at least for him because that’s what a wife should do, beside her husband. Nowhere else.


Marriage Life Episode Two

How hard could it be having a long distance marriage?

I thought it was easy but it isn’t. Everyday, when I wake up in the morning, I think about my husband who is supposed to wake up next to me. I missed the mornings we spent before he went back to Jakarta, we kissed and hugged and said “good morning, sayang” into each other’s ears.

Now we must hold ourselves back.

I am counting down to the day I finally can move to Jakarta, following him. Home now is where my husband is and I have to wait for 4 weeks to go to be able to go home.

Lam is such an amazing and loving husband. I’m so thankful having him as my life partner. I know he’s not perfect but he’s trying to be one.

He has found a rented house for us to live in Jakarta. At the moment, he’s moving in and starting to clean up every corner of the room. He has told me his plans how to manage the house so we can live there comfortably. He always says, “Be patient, we will try to furnish the house one by one. I can’t do it at once”,

I hope everything is going well for us. Bless us God.


Marriage Life Episode One

Been a while not to post anything in this journal entry.
Right now, I’m sitting here on the ceramic floor in my husband’s bedroom at his house. We just arrived this afternoon after visiting many places around town to take care about unfinished wedding business; bridal, wedding gown and flowers, paying this and that. Tomorrow he’s going to fly back to Jakarta leaving me here until December; I’m moving, too!

It’s been 5 days since last Friday, since our “akad nikah”, the day when we officially are husband and wife. Big changes happened. I still have to get use to be a wife. Learn how to be a good one. Learn how to satisfy my husband, learn how to prepare his necessity, learn how to make him happy, learn how to be more patient, learn how to act a real wife.

My husband is super nice to me. He is loving, caring, silly, handsome, and super kind. He doesn’t know everything but he accepts input and opinion if it makes sense. He is reliable and I don’t even know what his flaws so far. Perhaps, we will have arguments someday. Perhaps, he will be furious because of something. Perhaps, he will make me cry. However, I hope nothing would be too hard to compromise and we will always have each other’s back.

Actually, there’s a looot of things I want to write about mymarriagelife here but right now, he needs his Macbook back to work on some video editing. So, see you soon!

Currently, I’m living my happy life with my husband.

Renting a House

Rasanya tidak percaya kalau kurang dari 2 minggu lagi (12 hari lagi tepatnya), saya akan menjadi istri seseorang.

Istri seseorang.

I can’t believe myself I’m going to be someone’s wife.

Lam, can you believe it?

Kita berdua akan menjadi pasangan suami istri. Tinggal bersama di satu atap, makan sama-sama, tidur sama-sama dan memutuskan masa depan kita bersama-sama. Jika Allah SWT mengizinkan, kita akan menjadi orangtua dari anak-anak kita.

After we’re married, in this end of a year I will move to Jakarta. I’m going to say goodbye to my family and friends and also all my life in Makassar. You and I are going to live in a rent house near your office.

Our life will be totally different. I’m excited and terrified as well.

Lam, you’re going to be my husband. You are going to be the answer of the unsolved mystery that has been haunting me since my mid 20s.