Hi, welcome to my house, “Lukisan Mentari”. My name is Riana. You can call me Ri. I live in Makassar with my parents and sisters. I don’t know how to introduce myself well. So I will give you 20 things about myself instead.

1. I am a talking person for someones I trust.

2. I can’t put my smile on my face to everyone. But I laugh a lot with my close friends.

3. I always think that I am good at singing. Particularly in karaoke room.

4. I read a lot of books since I knew Harry Potter in SMP.

5. I love bright colours such as red, yellow, orange.

6. Now I am teaching in Briton Int’l English School as an English Instructor, a.k.a Teacher

7. I was in Jakarta working as a journalist in Republika 2012-2013.

8. I have been wearing hijab since SMA. The teacher rewarded a really good grade for the hijab students.

9. My passion is in creative writing and I want to continue my master in UK. Someday. Aamin.

10. My favorite singer ever in my life is @jason_mraz . I hope someday I can attend his concert.

11. I love eating. When I am happy I eat more.

12. I used to be fat when I was still teenager. But I don’t think I can gain weight nowadays. It’s just stuck around 48-49.

13. Actually I am a glasses girl. But I still never get used to wear it.

14. It is hard for me to fall in love.

15. I love wearing beautiful dresses.

16. My very first going abroad is in 2010 to Arizona, USA.

17. At the moment, I am doing my writing project while also being a contributor for

18. I am the second daughter out of six

19. I have a weird sneezing

20. I sometimes dream about living in a country when I get older.


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