The City

I got an offer to work out of town, to be an editor in a national media. It excited me, really. However, unfortunately I said no. 

I can’t leave Makassar again. I don’t want to. 

Years ago, I wanted to go out from this city so much. Every place somehow reminded me of the memories I want to forget. 

But then I came back and I met Akbar and I turned to love this city so much. My family is here either. My Mom also forbids me to leave home before I get marry. 

I start to make beautiful memories here and make it as homey as I could.  

Ah, anyway, I am going to teach again on Monday! It’s a small office in Haji Bau Street, near Wisma Kalla. Different challenge, different place. 

Allah knows best. 



This is my Movers 6 students. ONC November 2015. I took this picture in the day of meeting 7th. Lesson: going to and make your own calendar. 
It’s just, I never post anything about my students. And today I just feel because I am about to leave this job, I want to take pictures of all of my class I’m teaching. 

Boys from left to right:  Zarrar, Jemy, Abim, Bayu.

Girls from left to right: Wilna, Orisa, Chika and Vineysha.
someday I will write about them! 


Knowledge is Burden

If you think you carry no weight on your shoulder, you are wrong. Every human being who knows something is responsible to transfer the knowledge to people who doesn’t.

It doesn’t mean to be boastful or conceited. It simply to make the world be a better place to live.

That’s one thing I get from my job as a teacher (even sometimes it is called as a ‘language instructor’).

Because what’s the point knowing so many things if it’s only for your own sake? Why not share them with other people who needs ’em?

I am in my comfort zone now. And I need to get out of it (I have said it so many times, haven’t I?)


Apakah Membuat Batasan adalah Perlu?

Suatu hari Anita pernah berkata padaku dalam sebuah percakapan telepon betapa dia tak bisa menulis. No matter how hard she tried. But I encouraged her. I told her semua orang bisa menulis.

Sekarang Anita telah keluar dari batasan yang dulu dia buat sendiri. Dia telah bekerja sebagai wartawan di sebuah koran lokal di Makassar. Kini pekerjaannya setiap hari adalah menulis.

Dulu saya pernah berkata pada Nita bahwa speaking English ku sangat tidak bagus. Saya masih sering berpikir sebelum ngomong. Anita agak terkejut saat saya jujur padanya karena setau dia, sebagai seseorang yang sudah pernah been abroad, speaking English should not be a problem anymore. But I told her, she was wrong.

Belum lagi persoalan bicara di depan banyak orang. Di depan kelas. Presentasi sama sekali bukan bidangku. Bertemu dan langsung akrab dengan orang baru bukanlah diriku.

Saya membuat batasan di kepalaku soal apa yang saya bisa dan tidak bisa lakukan. Saya menanamkan ketakutanku sendiri.

Betapa bingungnya saya, karena sekarang saya mengingkari batasan-batasan yang saya buat dahulu. Kini setiap hari saya harus berhadapan dengan siswa dari berbagai background. Presentasi materi while speaking English.

Jadi apakah membuat batasan pada diri kita adalah perlu?