When we love someone, we make him or her our object. 

If you cook, you cook food for him.

If you are able to take good pictures, you take hundreds of his.

If you are a writer or poet, you write thousands notes about him.

If you are a designer, you design something for him.

If you are a good doctor, you take care of him.

If you are a composer, you invent songs of him.

If you are a singer, you sing to him.

Our beloved one will always be our object of affection. He will always be the first person we had in our mind when it isn’t occupied by other things. 

It’s difficult for me to like someone but when I do, I love hard. and thank God I have found someone to be the object of my affection, the one that I could share ‘I love you, you know’ every night. 
I want him to know that I love him as much as he does.

*2 a.m now, the dog is barking loudly from afar* 


The Idea of Kissing

When I saw Daddy was kissing his grandson, this thought crossed my mind. 
Where does the idea of stick our lips together to express our love come from? 
Who invented it?
Kissing cheeks, lips, forehead and all. Why do we do it to someone or people we love?
Maybe because that’s the closest position we can reach to each other. When two become one? 

Spreading Love

A few minutes after you had arrived in your place, you sent me line message:
“O, God. What have you done to me? We’ve just met, I’ve just taken you home. Now I miss you!”,

“I miss you too. What should we do?”

And then you kept saying hundreds and hundreds of the 3 words; make sure I kept those in mind. 

We were exchanging love words for almost 15 minutes and you said like this: 
“You know Ri. I really hope that the world is filled with people who love each other, like we do. People who care about other people as much I care for you. I think there would be no wars, ever again”, 

“It sounds so utopian”, I said.

“Yeah, you’re right”,

If there were only two lovers sharing affection, wars seem ridiculous. 


Dreams Were

Dreams were fine, loud, innocent and bright.

They seemed real I could touch ’em

They sounded so impeccable in plan  with step to step walking toward ’em. 
It felt possible to reach ’em.

I wasn’t daydreamer. 

I knew someday that would be a realistic moment to be joyful about.

Dreams were bright, I was exciting to make it happen.

Dreams are still dreams now. 



Ika Natassa di Critical Eleven menulis kira-kira seperti ini:

Menjalin hubungan artinya menyerahkan kebahagiaan kita di tangan orang lain. Kebahagiaan kita sangat dipengaruhi oleh perlakuan pasangan kita. 

Which is sucks. 

Kita bergantung dan it sucks.
Tapi setelah menulis kalimat barusan saya jadi berpikir ulang.

Kenapa hal itu menyebalkan? 

Apakah karena the idea of not being independent anymore? And that makes you think you are weak?

What if you ARE INDEED a weak person who needs shoulder to cry on? 

Misalkan kalau kita menolak untuk menggantungkan hidup pada Allah, Dia pasti marah dan anggap kita sombong.

Tapi itu kan Tuhan. Maksudku kita bisa bergantung pada-Nya saja, bukan?

Kita tak boleh menggantungkan harapan pada selain Dia kan?

Jadi kenapa saya harus membiarkan orang lain mempengaruhi apa yang kurasakan?

I hate K tonight for making me so upset. 



Last night I felt like I was like Summer.
You know the movie 500 Days of Summer?
I thought maybe I didn’t want to be with anyone. 
I didn’t believe true love does exist.

I didn’t believe any kind of meeting your love of your life.

I was really suck with anyone.

I never appeared serious in building relationship. 

I always wanted to runaway. 

But this morning I felt so much different, didn’t I?