Sick Day

Perusahaan yang punya karyawan perempuan mustinya memberi hari libur atau cuti sakit sehari setiap bulan. 

Datang bulan selalu menyakitkan dan membuat nyeri, you know? Tapi tidak selalu begitu. Setiap bulan skala nyerinya berubah-ubah. Bulan lalu nyerinya tak seberapa. Tapi bulan ini, persisnya hari ini, nyerinya bikin gak bisa ngomong bahkan berdiri tegak. 
Which is why I take my sick day. 

Sampe sekarang saya heran kenapa laki-laki yang dikasih gelar manusia yang lebih kuat dari perempuan sedangkan mereka bahkan gak ngerasain nyeri haid, hamil dan melahirkan. 
If they know, they might appreciate women more than before.


jadi kayaknya mau nonton House Season 3 saja lalu kalau sedikit baikan mau lanjut ketik script terakhir. 

Teaching Life


This is my Movers 6 students. ONC November 2015. I took this picture in the day of meeting 7th. Lesson: going to and make your own calendar. 
It’s just, I never post anything about my students. And today I just feel because I am about to leave this job, I want to take pictures of all of my class I’m teaching. 

Boys from left to right:  Zarrar, Jemy, Abim, Bayu.

Girls from left to right: Wilna, Orisa, Chika and Vineysha.
someday I will write about them! 




Working in a company is not really my thing. 

Building a great career never crossed in my bucket list.

But I feel good when I can make money.

Does it make me a bad person? 

Does it make me a lazy person?

All I want to do right now is just quitting my job. I want it to be over. And I’ll just be focusing on my plan about continue my master degree in Aberdeen, UK. 

Which I have to struggle hard on it. 

First, set the 6.5 for IELTS score.

And I have to be able to convince LPDP about affording me full scholarship.

And after that, pursue the LoA from Aberdeen University.

Aaaah, I’m looking forward to it! 2016 come here fast! 




When we love someone, we make him or her our object. 

If you cook, you cook food for him.

If you are able to take good pictures, you take hundreds of his.

If you are a writer or poet, you write thousands notes about him.

If you are a designer, you design something for him.

If you are a good doctor, you take care of him.

If you are a composer, you invent songs of him.

If you are a singer, you sing to him.

Our beloved one will always be our object of affection. He will always be the first person we had in our mind when it isn’t occupied by other things. 

It’s difficult for me to like someone but when I do, I love hard. and thank God I have found someone to be the object of my affection, the one that I could share ‘I love you, you know’ every night. 
I want him to know that I love him as much as he does.

*2 a.m now, the dog is barking loudly from afar* 



The Idea of Kissing

When I saw Daddy was kissing his grandson, this thought crossed my mind. 
Where does the idea of stick our lips together to express our love come from? 
Who invented it?
Kissing cheeks, lips, forehead and all. Why do we do it to someone or people we love?
Maybe because that’s the closest position we can reach to each other. When two become one?