Baking a Birthday Cake


Today is my boyfie’s birthday. As I planned before, today I wanted to bake a cake for him.

For a record, I have never baked a cake before especially for someone. 
So this morning, I asked my mom for the recipe. And after got home from MIWF, I started to collect the ingredients on my kitchen table. 
8 eggs

1 glass of sugar


One spoonful of baking powder

One spoonful of vanili 

Some TBM

2 glasses of flour

some bars of black chocolate

How to make it: 

Mix sugar and eggs with mixer for an hour. 

Meanwhile, melt the butter and mix it with the TBM. 

Mix the butter+tbm with eggs+sugar into the bowl. 

Pour down the flour into the bowl.

Pour it to the loyang. 

bake it for around 45mins.

Melt the black chocolate and put it above the cake. 
Mama bilang kuenya gak terlalu oke dari luar. But it’s okay. 

Sayangnya, pas udah jadi, yang ulang tahun malah gak bisa dihubungi. Hahaha. Jadi sambil menunggu, ya I write this. 

Ini penampakannya, please don’t ketawain ya. Maklum, beginner. Yang penting kan niatnya ya? 



Us in Picture

We’ve reached almost a year, dear. There were some weddings we attended together and we have our own album in Line called “Nikahan” consists all our pictures in wedding party of our friends or family. But this one is my favorite. 
Maybe it shows our happily smile and all. In addition, our clothes look the same in colour, don’t they? It was from yesterday evening in Clarion Hotel. 
There were many wedding parties happening around last weekend. Hopefully next year will be ours they attend.

Thank you for standing by my side. I love you and I will always do. 



The Bright Side

Sudah sejak Januari and I just stay at home. I mean no office working. 
And I have just read a picture in my Line Home, said like this.

“Don’t forget to talk with your parents. Please remember, that they talk to you even when you still learn how to say a word”,

Dan kupikir, inilah yang kulakukan di rumah selama ini. Menjadi anak paling tua (karna kakak PTT di Sinjai), menjadi Inem dan menjadi teman curhat Mama. 
I have been doing okay with Mom. We spent a lot time together. We have done things that I couldn’t do when I was busy in office. 
Now it’s asking for redemption. 

So why not I let it for a while more? 



Anak Bapak

Malam ini saya jadi anaknya Bapak. 

Saudaraku yang lain jadi anaknya Mama.

Kupikir, nanti di masa depan saya akan menjadi seperti Bapak. 

Sama bingungnya seperti Bapak. 

Dan saya akan merasa terpojok karena saudaraku yang lain akan menjadi seperti Mama. 

Sama cerdasnya seperti Mama.

Dikala saya merasa sendiri seperti itu, maukah kau, sayang, merangkulku? 

lalu mengatakan takkan pernah meninggalkan tempatmu yang sudah ditakdirkan, disampingku? 




Saya tidak tahu hal salah apa yang saya lakukan hari ini yang membuat saya merasa gelisah. Tadi kupikir saya bisa tenang saat berwudhu, berdiri solat Isya – yang malah jadi rusak karena saya lupa duduk diantara dua sujud. Kemudian gelisahnya tak mau pergi bahkan setelah saya mengaji.

Saya merasa mungkin ada sesuatu yang terjadi di rumah sakit pada K. Pesan-pesanku belum satupun dibalasnya.

Mama bilang saya mungkin hanya kurang tidur. 


Saya ingin sekali menangis. Tapi  Tita sedang tidur disampingku. 



Yoga with Adriene

Basically, I like doing sport. I like the sweat and the heat that burns my body. I like the feeling of having my body move. I like it because I feel like doing something to my body besides sitting, reading or walking.

When I think about doing sport, I did only running. I ran around the track of my old campus. I can feel the sunshine, the street, the sore in my legs when I have ran around for an hour.

But now, instead of running, I try to do yoga.

And when I thought about yoga, I want to try it out online, you know it costs less money. All I have to provide was only a mat and internet connection. So, that’s where I “met” 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene.

I started it 10 days ago. and because I have so much time in my house, I can manage doing it well.

I was surprised to myself, to my body.

I am looking forward to finish the challenge in day 30. Now, 20 days have left.

I now do what I’ve never done and it feels good.