Dear Baby in my Belly,

It’s been 3 days I got influenza and pregnancy has never been this hard. I’ve carried you for 19 weeks and as long as I could remember, you never make me like this sick.

Today, I didn’t go to work. All I did was in bed. Eating, watching tv. I couldn’t consume any medication, not without under doctor’s supervision, because it might harm you.

So here I am. Waiting for your Daddy arrive home while listening to Calming Dzikir from Spotify. Are you listening to it, too, my love?

Tomorrow, if this gets worse, me and your Dad will visit the clinic near our house. We’re going to see a doctor- hopefully they give us a letter so we can go to hospital. I really want to check if you are okay inside with me suffer this influenza.

I really hope you are okay, baby.

Let’s put our hope to Allah SWT.

Your Mom